“I have been very impressed with your accomplishments, and you have been a real pleasure to work with.”

                                             Joe Chenoweth

                                             Executive Vice President, International

                                             Honeywell Inc.



“You are the person who made me change my mind about lawyers—

I wish all lawyers were like you!”

                                             Alex Messer

                                             Technical Director

                                             Cray Research France



“I have no words how to express my billions of thanks for your outstanding help.”

                                             Yoshikazu Hori

                                             Country Manager

                                             Cray Research Japan



“I respect your competence, your cooperativeness and consistency.”

                                             Peter Boek

                                             Country Manager

                                             Cray Research Australia



“Mary was one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with.  I found her to be smart, efficient, an excellent communicator, and a team player with a well-placed sense of humor.  The only thing that I found to be lacking with Mary is the super-inflated ego that most attorneys seem to acquire in law school.”

                                             Alan Ruppelt

                                             Director – International Taxes

                                             Cray Research, Inc.



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