McCormick International is a solo practice based in Minnesota.  Mary K. McCormick has worked exclusively in international business law for over thirty years.  Seventeen of those years were spent in-house at high-tech manufacturing companies, Honeywell and Cray Research, where she closely collaborated with business professionals on the ground.






Business Focus          

Because I have owned my own business since 1996, I am aware of the difficulties facing many businesses today.  My approach is practical, focused and efficient.


Listening / Collaboration      

A business lawyer should take the time to truly understand her client's business and its objectives, both company-wide and for each transaction.  



Early in my career, I became convinced that getting ahead of problems works best for everyone.  So I practice preventive law.  In-house training is one important way to achieve this.


Clarity and Communication  

I do not believe in withholding information—I am happy to share my knowledge freely and explain legal concepts.  I strive to write contracts that are clear and precise, with a minimum of legalese.





“Globalization and the spread of the Internet has made crossing borders seem deceptively easy, but neither globalization nor the Internet has eliminated the higher risks of international business.  Do not be tempted to do it all yourself.  There is no substitute for experience and careful planning to avoid expensive mistakes and maximize rewards.


My experience reaches beyond the narrow boundaries of the usual specialized practitioner.  I enjoy what I do.  Even after years of practice, I love to resolve complex legal situations for my clients.”


Mary K. McCormick


The Chinese character "Ma" is the first half of my first name phonetically translated into Chinese as "Ma Li" or Mary.  "Ma" means "precious jewel."  Original Chinese calligraphy was a gift from Chinese colleagues.

Sending an email does not make you a client of McCormick International.  Until you become a client, please do not send the firm any confidential, privileged or sensitive data by email or otherwise.

McCormick International
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